8 June 09:30Skellefteå - Nordanå teatern

Creativity is dead! Long live Creativity!

On first seeing a photograph around 1840, the influential French painter Paul Delaroche proclaimed, “From today, painting is dead!”

Today as AI and machine learning hits us as a tsunami wave many people are questioning if creativity is dead. Why not just let the machines handle it?

We believe the opposite. We believe this shift will urge and inspire us humans to display our creativity in even more fantastic and unforeseen ways.

So this year when Creative Summit returns after a few years on pause, we would like to show that human creativity is by no means dead. Humankind is taking a leap forward and our creativity will prosper and take expressions like never before….

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We promise you surprises

Creative Summit 2023 will be held in Skellefteå. We will kick off at 9.30 on the 8th of June at the Nordanå Theatre and from that we will give you an experience all day and night.   

Organized by WDO

Creative Summit