Jas Sidhu

Jas Sidhu leads Disruptive Innovation for Consulting at PwC UK and will be joining us in June for #CRESUM18.

Jas helps clients to anticipate disruption and 'disrupt' their own business models. He also plays a leading role in building the firms artificial intelligence practise - including transforming the firms services and working on initiatives to ensure that AI is used for the benefit of humanity and the earth.

Jas is also the co-founder of Genie, a social search application for crowdsourcing personal recommendations on anything from local eats to great reads!

Connect with Jas on LinkedIn here.



Communication in the era of cyborgs & algorithms

We live in a time where our ways of communicating have changed dramatically in a very short time. Of course, this will not stop. With all new technology that will be embedded in our society and even in our bodies, we quickly move forward to a world where the outcome is still unknown.

What we do know is that this will open up a world where we will communicate in new ways, this will change how we communicate, offer services and live our day to day both in our physical and virtual life.

We believe that this year’ s Creative Summit will bring you insights that you can use when forecasting how both you and your organization will interact with both your fellow colleagues and clients in the future.


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