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The Learning Gypsies

They are a family from New York obsessed with discovering the best environment for kids to learn and develop the skills they will need in a changing and renewed society. Their inspiration comes from being exposed to the edge of innovation through their daily work. Because of this they know that in about 10 years 75% of all jobs will be done by robots and algorithms and that 25% of all careers will be those needed to navigate that new reality.

So they are traveling the world for 1 year, with their kids to explore and document what they learn. The kids are being homeschooled and that is also part of the learning experience.

They are the Learning Gypsies, a family with a wide universe to conquer!

The Learning Gypsies is a project created by New York based Hazel Swayne and Iñaki Escudero, along with their 3 kids and Hazel’s mom Julia Leturia. Their goal is to find opportunities to improve the way kids learn in the 21st century, and to empower parents to unlock their kids’ potential.

They are traveling around the world looking for answers and for the last 9 months have met with kids and parents, visited countless schools, gotten to know homeschool communities and interviewed education innovators, principals, teachers, psychologists, policy makers and learning experts. As part of their new digital nomad life they are worldschooling their two daughters Alani (11) and Amaia (8), and their son Iker (6).

After spending almost 20 years working as creatives and strategists in traditional and digital advertising agencies, Hazel and Iñaki switched their efforts to help organizations and professionals thrive in a world of change and uncertainty.

Both avid learners, Hazel teaches Zumba, and designs and facilitates digital transformation programs for Hyper Island, and Iñaki coaches executives on learning and habit building.

They live in Brooklyn, Sao Paulo, Austin, Lima, Madrid.

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Communication in the era of cyborgs & algorithms

We live in a time where our ways of communicating have changed dramatically in a very short time. Of course, this will not stop. With all new technology that will be embedded in our society and even in our bodies, we quickly move forward to a world where the outcome is still unknown.

What we do know is that this will open up a world where we will communicate in new ways, this will change how we communicate, offer services and live our day to day both in our physical and virtual life.

We believe that this year’ s Creative Summit will bring you insights that you can use when forecasting how both you and your organization will interact with both your fellow colleagues and clients in the future.


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