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Theme for 2017: The future of work

The future of work is an active and ongoing conversation. Search Google and you’ll find millions of hits on the phrase and there are new stories, research papers and opinion pieces published by the hour.

And it's clear why.

Studies show that the average baby boomer will be looking for a job 11.7 times in his or her career and that millennials change jobs every two years. And jobs themselves are also changing.

The development of automation, enabled by technologies including robotics and AI has brought the promise of a workforce that doesn't need to sleep or eat, with higher productivity, drastically increased efficiencies, safety and convenience. This year alone, China is acquiring 160,000 robots.

And that is happening now. What happens in five, ten or twenty years when we truly are the Networked Society living in an Internet of Things world and Industry 4.0 is the standard?

The future of work has become a much discussed topic and for this reason, it's the theme for Creative Summit 2017, during which, we'll look at it from three perspectives made popular by Josh Bersin.

The personal impact

Why we work, how work fits into our life, how our careers progress, how we stay current in our skills and capabilities, and how work gives us meaning and purpose.

The organisational impact

What are jobs, what roles do people vs. machines play, how are organisations set up, how do we leverage contingent workers, and how do companies redefine jobs as software and robotics become more powerful.

The societal impact

How do we educate and prepare people for work and how do we transition people when jobs change.

These #CRESUM17 focus areas will be explored in more detail over the coming months when telling you about who will be joining us in Skellefteå next year and why.