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Extend your #CRESUM17 experience with a themed workshop

As an extension to Creative Summit this year, with help from friends, we've created eleven workshops (with possibly one or two more to be added) that will be taking place on June 15th in some great locations in Skellefteå.

Each workshop theme is connected to our theme for #CRESUM17, The Future of Work.

Ahead of launching these workshops we spoke with Maria Distner and Leif Rehnström from Hyper Island and Hello Future repsectively.

When we talk about the future of work, what is on the top of your mind?

MD: New ways of working! We see technology driving massive change across society, culture, business - and in all aspects of work. Increasingly, we need to work with and navigate complexity, constant change, ambiguous conditions and unpredictable outcomes. But we’re stuck in rigid ways of working from the industrial age. We need to update the way we meet, organize, plan, learn, lead, build stuff, measure success. We need a new playbook, fit for the digital age!

LR: Exploration, Efficiency and Purpose. These three paths will co-exist and intertwine. We will need Exploration as an answer to exponential change, be hyper Effective to deliver products and services in a global digital economy and the time saved from automation will enable people to look for Purpose in their lives. All these paths will need different approaches in how we lead and organize our ”work”.


What would you say are the biggest opportunities and threats related to the future of work, from a business perspective?

MD: The key to success in the digital age is people and our ability to either enable or disable our coworkers. Luckily, its not rocket science - but all about getting back to basic human needs.

First of all, successful teams in the future are driven by a strong and clear direction; purpose, vision, goals etc. In order to work effectively towards this direction we need people with strong self-awareness and self-leadership skills. We also need to state, shape and co-create a culture that supports that direction. A strong stated direction will help us be more adaptive to change and thereby reach our our goals and dreams.

Secondly, we need to support coworkers to be their best as individuals and in collaboration. To enable efficient collaboration we need awareness and skills about how to teams develop over time; group dynamics, and we need to truly understand that it is trust and openness among our co-workers and in our teams that will bring our companies to new heights.

Third, we need to be ruthlessly committed to constant learning. We need to create the conditions and time for team learning. If we capture learning and make it spread in the organization, we can evolve the way we work and roll with the punches.

Lastly, our leaders need to embody facilitative leadership. We need to foster a culture where all members are also leaders. If we we use facilitative principles to be more adaptive to change, work will be more effective, creative and fun!

LR: Getting the balance right between exploring and being effective is one. It’s not about being one or the other anymore. That takes strategic clarity to pull off and it’s something we see a lot of organizations struggle with. Organizing for exploration or for efficiency are very different things and it will affect how you lead, who you recruit and which behaviors to reward.

Another is having a clear sense of purpose to attract people, both customers and staff. Simon Sinek has been talking about this for a long time, but it feels like it’s finally starting to sink in. Also, as we will have more time on our hands from automation, people will dig deep to find their purpose in society. Organizations that can formulate an attractive purpose and prove it with their actions will have a huge advantage over the rest.

The third thing is finding and developing the right talent. It will be much easier if you have purpose and strategic clarity, but it will never be easy. Making sure to have core values in place will help a lot. Better to look for people who share your purpose and values and then teach them skills, instead of the opposite.

So, to summarize. Strategic clarity, purpose and core values will be key drivers for organizations to successfully embrace the future!


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