Aftersummit Fb 1680a


We've had a few emails about the schedule for tomorrow and we hope this post will answer all the questions you might have. But first, it's important to highlight that for us and it's always been this way, the entire day is the Creative Summit experience.

By that we mean that it's the story that develops from speaker to speaker. It's the walk from destination to destination. It's the meeting old friends and new ones and sharing what you have thought or what has inspired you from the day.

However we also appreciate that knowing the times of certain parts of the day is important, so key times follow.

Key times

  • 8.30am - registration begins at Nordanå
  • 12.00pm - lunch is served
  • 5.00pm - mingle at The Great Northern
  • 6.00pm - dinner at Brygg Club and Cafe

And during all of these, if you are going to share something from the experience, use the #CRESUM17 hashtag, so we can also share part of your experience.