Areyou 1680 X 1000 Min

Creative Summit May update

Creative Summit is now officially sold out and even if we'd like to, we have no tickets to sell.

But in case some do become available and you feel like you've missed out, you can add yourself to the wait list. If tickets do become available, they will distributed to the wait list on a first come first served basis.

And onto the day itself, as it's just over two weeks away and the important thing for you to know is that registration at Nordanå opens at 8.30am this year. This is earlier than usual but we have a big day ahead, so we need to get you in your seats and started earlier!

When the day at Nordanå comes to an end, we will all take a short walk to The Great Northern, before celebrating our 10th birthday at Brygg Club and Cafe where dinner will be served and glasses raised, to music, dancing and great conversation ... under the midnight sun.

And for those of you interested, there are still a few workshops available for the following day. Click here to learn more about them and how to contact us.