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Adele and Jes from W+K Lodge

Today we'd like to tell you that Adele and Jes from W+K Lodge are coming to #CRESUM18 in June.

W+K Lodge think that the future of innovation, creativity and problem-solving is best achieved by giving people who thought they weren't "creative" the freedom to build something new.

W+K Lodge began as an experiment about creativity and workflow: given any problem, what would happen if you let the makers drive? Would it result in a more productive and challenging creative environment? Would ideas have equal parts joy and function? Is this good chaos, or bad chaos?

And they're going to attempt to answer these questions through their failures, learnings, and creations. These may or may not involve a useless robot, some slightly terrifying virtual chicken, musical bananas, a mysterious entity called Eutopia Systems and personalized shoes that go from design to feet in under an hour.

Learn more about Adele and Jes by clicking their names!