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Caroline Fjellner

Caroline is the founder and CEO of &frankly. &frankly is a new tool for employee engagement that makes people smile instead of yawn. The idea (like so many others…) was born out of frustration with a sleepy category and the growing number of unhappy employees.

Caroline has a diverse background, from new design concepts for heavy trucks and organisational development to portfolio strategies for sausages.

The common denominator however has always been people and their fundamental drivers, because at the end of the day we’re all humans, no matter how far innovation takes us.


JUNE 19 2018

The Future of Work II

For #CRESUM18 we have decided to continue in the direction we took last year and look deeper into the questions concerning the part of our lives where we spend most of our time awake, our work.

We will ask questions and hopefully provide answers.

Why is it that as little as one out of ten people are actually engaged in their job? Is it leadership or the workplace that create this or something else?

How does the ever increasing role of AI and robots impact us as humans? What are the creative opportunities, what new skills do we need and will there even be jobs for all of us?

To find answers to these questions and more, we have invited a number of speakers with expertise in these areas to share their stories.

Welcome to #CRESUM18.



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