Adele Major

Adele is an Executive Producer at W+K Lodge, based in Portland, Oregon. Hailing from Australia, she has lived in The Netherlands, UK, Sweden (twice!) and now the US. She studied Communication Design at Queensland University of Technology, as she has always loved the intersections of film, technology and storytelling. As EP her role is to help enable an extremely talented and diverse teams make what seems impossible.

She was the global digital producer for Greenpeace's epic ocean journey Defending Our Oceans, an online BBC journalist, and a producer at renowned creative agencies Hi-ReS!, B-Reel and North Kingdom.

She has also worked in VFX and digital/physical installations as part of the world class VFX company MPC, as a photographer for the Lincoln Center in NYC, and as a senior producer at digital product studio ustwo.

Despite Elon Musk's warnings she is very interested in AI, robotics and VR and the positive impacts these could have on our lives. She coded her first computer game in BASIC at the age of 8, and continues to be passionate about encouraging women to succeed in the tech industry. She also loves dogs and true crime documentaries.


JUNE 19 2018

The Future of Work II

For #CRESUM18 we have decided to continue in the direction we took last year and look deeper into the questions concerning the part of our lives where we spend most of our time awake, our work.

We will ask questions and hopefully provide answers.

Why is it that as little as one out of ten people are actually engaged in their job? Is it leadership or the workplace that create this or something else?

How does the ever increasing role of AI and robots impact us as humans? What are the creative opportunities, what new skills do we need and will there even be jobs for all of us?

To find answers to these questions and more, we have invited a number of speakers with expertise in these areas to share their stories.

Welcome to #CRESUM18.



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