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JC Oliver

AOL / Microsoft

JC Oliver is an award winning multi-hyphenated marketing dude (Global Chief Creative Officer) bringing a unique set of skills to his role with expertise in digital marketing and business strategy.

His passion is the intersection of creativity and business fused with technology and science, which he defines as the Smart Marketing Paradigm.

He sits on a bunch of boards, judging panels and delivers a myriad of thought leading presentations at industry conferences, digital schools, brands and agencies focused on creativity, the future of digital marketing and why falling asteroids could be the greatest threat to humanity.



Creative Summit is blend of conference, workshop, party and some secret ingredients. Our first event in 2007 is older than a lot of the ideas, innovations and technology that we usually share talks on and it all takes place under the midnight sun in the north of Sweden.


We believe that bringing people together is important for sharing knowledge, inspiration and ideas and that by creating environments where people can meet, regardless of industry or background, is important.


Creative Summit is open for those interested in new ideas, technology, creativity and innovation. Each year we bring a broad range of speakers to share thier stories, dreams, success and failure.



We are extremely proud of our partners and the network that has been built since the first Creative Summit event took place in 2007. And we're always looking for new partners to work with, so if you have an interesting idea for a Creative Summit event or you'd like to learn more about how you can become a partner, please contact us.

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